About Us

Each jewel is a miniature sculpture.


Thirty years of passion

Gianfranco and Antonio have turned their passion into a profession which, today, has led them to have thirty years' experience in the sector; thanks to their expert hands, willing to test and explore new concepts of craftsmanship, they give body to earrings, necklaces and rings, which gather in their details all of what Italian tradition represents.

A story that goes from generation to generation

Gianfranco and Antonio have also passed on their passion to their sons, who currently work within the company, so that they are already beginning to dictate its future.


Modernity, creativity and attention to detail

The aim is to ensure through research and the study of new technologies, modernity and meticulous attention to detail within the design and production processes. A true continuous dialogue between originality, talent and expertise, where the very history of gold and silver is mixed with innovation.


The experts

We're specialised in electroforming, a craft process that offers the great advantage of producing jewellery with a voluminous and complex design, but yet at the same time light weight. To carry out this type of technique, we require numerous specific machines, followed by the meticulous work of skilled workers who finish each product by hand.

Social Responsibility

Towards environmental sustainability and energy saving

In addition to investing in production, since 2014 Tre spighe has set itself the goal of combining its focus on quality/environment and energy saving, in fact thanks to the integration of solar panels it has started producing renewable energy.

Company Recognition

Gold Expression

In 2007, Tre spighe participated in a major American charity event 'GOLD EXPRESSION'. In 2009 it presented a necklace made entirely of gold, with a sophisticated and elegant design. At the event, the jewel was worn by internationally renowned actress Brooke Shields.
All proceeds were donated to charity.